Prepare for frontend technical interviews effectively. Receive multiple job offers.

Our app uses methods scientifically proven to maximize learning so you can productively study for technical coding interviews.

Develop the ability to recall key concepts during your interview

A study has shown that students who were quizzed at regular intervals after learning new material were able to recall the material better at a later date compared to students who weren't quizzed.

Prepare for the full range of possible interview questions.

Our technical interview questions are tagged with different themes. As you go through more and more technical interview questions, we measure your proficiency on the different themes. We expose you to technical interview questions where you are weak, so you can improve at them. If you can address your weaknesses, you will be able to do well on any technical interview.

Integrate new concepts easier with our engaging examples

Learning is strongest when you can associate new knowledge with your existing knowledge. We teach concepts by connecting them with real world examples so you can create the neural connections needed to absorb novel material.

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